March 3, 2016

So, let me see if I can count my blessings from March 3, 2016:

– My wife is able to stay with me during the treatment — what a comfort and help she has been!

– I haven’t experienced any negative affects of the chemo so far. In fact, the pain level from the cancer appears to be reducing, which was an anticipated result once the chemo started attacking the cancer.

– Good visit from a friend

– Awesome balloon bouquet from my team / family at work!

– Visit from chaplain who had a similar type of cancer and overcame it. What a great message of encouragement only God could have provided!

– Although I won’t be able to see my grandson much during treatment and recovery, awesome advances in technology such as FaceTime have been made that allow us to stay in virtual contact very frequently. No, it certainly isn’t the same as being face to face but given the situation, it is a real blessing that tools such as FaceTime exist.

– Great medical staff at the hospital — very professional yet funny and upbeat!

I’m certain there are so many more blessings that I have overlooked! I am committed that, the next time I am feeling down or upset about something, I will make a conscious effort to stop the newsreel in my mind that is replaying and possibly exaggerating the factor causing concern and instead begin counting the blessings God has provided for me for the day.


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