Super(hero) Day

He made the storm be still, and the waves of the sea were hushed.

Psalm 107:29

March 3 was my first full day of chemo. I walked the hall several times, sat in the family room and played Skip-Bo and had some visitors. I felt good, had very little pain, and a huge appetite.

I work with an amazing team of folks who bought a giant Spider-Man / Transformers get-well-soon balloon bouquet to me. The daughter of my team lead lives in the OKC area and had already been by to visit us once and she was tasked with the delivery of the giant bouquet to the hospital room. She had some hilarious stories about being on the elevator to the adult cancer area with a GIANT Spider-Man! It was a great visit!


As we were beginning to eat in our room, a gentleman entered and explained he was part of the chaplain service at the hospital. He appeared to be in his 30’s and had a very positive and caring attitude. He inquired about what brought me to the hospital. I subsequently went through a brief synopsis of my diagnosis, described the chemo regimen I was on and the anticipated length of time for the treatment. I then went very briefly how God has been / continues to watch over me through each step of the process from identification to treatment to recovery.

In a response that seemed odd to me, he explained that was something he “could relate to somewhat.” He explained that when he was a young boy, he developed leukemia. However, you would never have known he had gone through something like that. He stated he would be back around in a day or two. I look forward to the meeting as I can’t wait to hear his story.

This was my Super(hero) day.


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