Learning More Each Day

Today was spent largely in sleep. Something I have been lacking prior to the treatment because of the pain.

I have had a slight bit of queasiness – wouldn’t even call it nausea. However, the awesome medical staff is very quick to provide me with some meds to address it before it gets worse.

The oncologist / hematologist who admitted me came past today and explained I would be released early Monday morning from the hospital and would need to go down the road to the cancer center for an injection to help keep the white blood cells up as much as possible. His PA came past a little later with additional details. There will be a slow infusion of drugs they will do at the cancer center rather than OU Medical because the hospital can’t get paid by insurance for it but the cancer center can (I believe she mentioned a single treatment runs over $10,000). Once the infusion is done at the cancer center, they will give me the injection to keep my white blood cells up as high as possible and then send me home.

I will have blood drawn twice each week to check white blood cell levels and determine if a blood or platelet infusion is necessary to keep my energy up. Thankful I will be able to have this process in Ponca.


One thought on “Learning More Each Day

  1. Jin & Dena you are in my prayers daily and thank you for posting this journey this way we can see how your progress is going


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