March 4, 2016

One huge blessing involves our 4 legged family member; our black lab Ninja. He is an awesome guy but really hates being crated. He has the run of the house day and night. However, with the frequency of the treatments and the fact that he could get the toxicity, we were worried about having to have him boarded as he would be crated. I contacted the lady who was fostering ninja when we adopted him and she was glad to temporarily foster him for us until I complete these treatments. We will definitely miss him but know he is in great hands and with someone he loves and someone who loves him. I know that in several months we will be able to be reunited. Thank you Terri for offering to do this! You are a blessing sent from heaven and an answer to our prayers!

Praise in the storm!


One thought on “March 4, 2016

  1. Please know that you and all the family and in my prayers daily thank you for this as I can keep up on your progress


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