Be Strong

“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9

I’ve been somewhat lax in keeping up with my blog for the past couple of days. I have been fortunate to be permitted to work some this week, which has made me a little more tired than I anticipated. It is great to be able to do some work! It is amazing how much we take for granted until you don’t have that option. Fortunately, I work for an awesome company and have caring leaders who are accommodating my medical needs.

I have blood work ran twice a week. Thursday was the first test since I’ve been out of the hospital and my numbers looked great!

On Thursday, I received a call from my oncologist/hematologist’s office explaining that the secondary results from the biopsy taken on Feb 2 came back and they had good news. Originally, I was suspected as having something called a double hit or triple hit cancer. (To be honest, I still don’t understand what this means except that with a double or triple hit, the cancer has a potential to recur). This suspicion resulted in my being placed on the very rigorous chemotherapy program called EPOCH. This is the one where I am required to be hospitalized for 96 hours. However, the results of the biopsy confirmed that I am not a double hit or triple hit!

This means that I no longer am under the EPOCH chemotherapy. Instead, I will have a day-long infusion at the cancer center in OKC. Additionally, I will be taking a second type of chemotherapy that is done via pill. As I understand it, I will start the chemo pill on the first day of infusion and then take the pill once each day for 10 days. 28 days after the infusion, I will restart the cycle.

The Dr. has scheduled a follow-up appointment for next Wednesday. I’m sure I will learn more from that visit.

As far as how I feel, I’m doing ok. I feel a little down (sad) at times (cabin fever) and don’t have the energy I usually do. However, I believe I’m now in the period they call nadir, so fatigue is to be expected. I still have a pretty good appetite although I can’t consume the quantities I used to.

Thanks to each of you for your words of encouragement and your prayers! I know I would not be progressing anywhere as well as I have without God’s healing.


One thought on “Be Strong

  1. Ahead not seen a post in a few days, so was fearful you were not feeling well. Thought I would check your blog before I sent the hound dogs out looking for you.


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