Sunshine after the rain…

Don’t you just love the moments after the rain stops and the sun begins peeking out over the clouds? The sun projects amazing hues of color, the air smells so clean, the dirt is washed from the sidewalks and the roads gleam in the sunlight while birds sing a welcome to their neighbors…

I am blessed to have weathered the storm and am appreciating the sunshine after the rain. Subsequently, I thought I should post an update of current events …

I continue to be cancer-free. October will mark the 2nd year of being cancer-free. According to the oncologist, with this type of cancer, once you are cancer free for one year without signs of it recurring there is a strong likelihood it will never return! This is tremendous news! I continue to be humbled by this blessing and so appreciative of the grace of God that has led me to and through this journey! I’ve learned so much and have grown in my faith and friendships abundantly. None of this would have occurred had I not been sent on this adventure!

I will not be making any additional updates to this blog … however, I will continue to make it available to hopefully encourage anyone going through cancer recovery or anyone touched by cancer. If you have been affected by cancer and need someone to reach out to, please feel free to contact me. My contact information is in the content of this blog. I also have a sister blog that I maintain ( that focuses on providing encouragement and challenging negative perspectives. I am so thankful for your friendship (whether we have met in person or only online) and your prayers and encouragement as we experienced this journey together and I look forward to meeting back up with you at For my friends (both current and future) who may be entering into, or trekking along a similar journey, I continue to pray for recovery, peace, strength, happiness, positivity, and encouragement. It is also my prayer that you know the peace of having Jesus Christ as your personal savior.

It’s my prayer that God will continue to bless you, minister to your specific needs, and encourage you as you encourage others.

In closing, I leave you with the profound words of the apostle Paul,

Now may the Lord of peace himself give you his peace at all times and in every situation. The Lord be with you all. (2 Thessalonians 3:16)

In encouragement, joy, and most importantly — Love, Jim.


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