March 4, 2016

One huge blessing involves our 4 legged family member; our black lab Ninja. He is an awesome guy but really hates being crated. He has the run of the house day and night. However, with the frequency of the treatments and the fact that he could get the toxicity, we were worried about having to have him boarded as he would be crated. I contacted the lady who was fostering ninja when we adopted him and she was glad to temporarily foster him for us until I complete these treatments. We will definitely miss him but know he is in great hands and with someone he loves and someone who loves him. I know that in several months we will be able to be reunited. Thank you Terri for offering to do this! You are a blessing sent from heaven and an answer to our prayers!

Praise in the storm!

Learning More Each Day

Today was spent largely in sleep. Something I have been lacking prior to the treatment because of the pain.

I have had a slight bit of queasiness – wouldn’t even call it nausea. However, the awesome medical staff is very quick to provide me with some meds to address it before it gets worse. Continue reading

First Day of Chemo

At around 11 PM Wednesday, March 2, 2016 we began the first round of the Dose-Controlled EPOCH chemotherapy. This is the first of 4 bags that will require 24 hours each for the total infusion to occur. As I write this at a little before midnight on Thursday (3/3), the first sets of bags have completed, I’ve showered, and the second set of bags (out of four series of bags) have been installed and are flowing the chemicals through my body.

I am to avoid contact with others during and two days after the infusion. Apparently, the body sweats off the chemo that is absorbed, making it toxic to others who come in contact with it. This means I cannot sleep in the same bed as my wife during this treatment and I cannot have direct contact with anyone during this time. Fortunately, she is able to stay in my hospital room with me. Some research suggests that having a family member stay with a patient often speeds recovery and improves recovery levels. I certainly believe they are on to something. It has been such a comfort and blessing to have her here with me throughout this process. Continue reading

March 3, 2016

So, let me see if I can count my blessings from March 3, 2016:

– My wife is able to stay with me during the treatment — what a comfort and help she has been!

– I haven’t experienced any negative affects of the chemo so far. In fact, the pain level from the cancer appears to be reducing, which was an anticipated result once the chemo started attacking the cancer. Continue reading